Pickle’s gundoggery

It’s a long time since I posted anything but I thought I would bring you up to speed on how we are getting on with our training.

Pickle has gone from strength to strength and has been super easy to train. I do have
be careful that I don’t over train her as more than two sessions a week and she starts to be less interested. I also can’t do too many drills as she gets bored and loses her joie de vivre

We’ve done lots of different trainers and grounds to gain experience and confidence but at the moment we are going about once a fortnight to her breeder for a small group class lesson.

We did lots of working tests in the summer which required me to overcome my nerves and man up. We never got placed but came away with loads of 20s and some really good overall scores. The competition is super fierce and as Pickle was only just two she was only just out of puppy.

We’ve done cold game without any problem and also had a day on SWIMBOs shoot where she picked pheasants beautifully so she has stepped up to everything I’ve asked without any question
Don’t think that she’s perfect - she’s a horrible deer chaser and her stop whistle needs work but she’s been super easy to train and very rewarding for me

I’m debating at the moment whether I compete with her next year or let her have puppies. I certainly want to have one of her puppies!
Sounds like you have been busy @Peartree. It's so good that you are enjoying her and able to get out and do all those things. I am taking Cassie on a Swmbo shoot day next month.

Can't you compete with her for a year or two then let her have puppies?