Please don't eat the bees!

Silly dog!
I do my very best to save the bumblebees that get trapped in our little glass extension.

Then Homer comes along and snap, snap gulp and he's swallowed it.

How can I save the planet with a bee eating dog, he's obsessed with them.

I don't usually wish harm on my dog but I'd love it if a bee actually did sting him on the nose to teach him a lesson.
I don't usually wish harm on my dog but I'd love it if a bee actually did sting him on the nose to teach him a lesson.
Don't hold your breath on that one. My dog Mama Jodhi was an expert bee huntress. As her vet records attested, before she came to me, she was stung several times. She didn't learn a lesson in the sense you mean. Rather, she just got better at it. By the time I met her, she was a bee ninja warrior. 😁
Bee ninja warrior sums it up.

Hubby heard him barking so went to see what he was up to, all I heard was "It's going to sting the inside of your stomach and then you'll be sorry!" I don't think a bee could sting his stomach?
I would really hate for him to be properly stung.
He's not interested in flies at all, just the bees. One of my Dad's dogs would go mad for flies.
I wouldn't mind a pet gecko on the wall to eat the mosquitos and midges.


East Sussex
I'm terrified of Molly getting stung in the mouth - she's a devil for lunging at bees, but hasn't caught any or been stung yet thank goodness. I've got a packet of Piriton tablets in the cupboard on stand-by.


Cornwall , UK
My late Labrador Tess was stung on her mouth by a bee when we lived in France . We had to rush her to the Vet as she was suffering anaphylactic shock , it was touch and go . She was kept in for 24 hours on a drip , bless her she was only six months old . However , the little monkey did it again , messed with the enemy but she had built up an immunity thank goodness . Reubs ignores them but Nelly is a demon for chasing them , terrifies me x


Queen of Turnips
Devon, UK
I’m hyper cautious of bees with Kipper - on my beekeeping course last year, they talked about a not-unusual defence response bees have with dogs (particularly dogs - can happen with other animals but not so common apparently); if they’re stung by one bee near the nest, the rest of the bees can pile in to attack which often kills the dog. It’s made me v wary, I’ll always aim for a strong ‘leave’ around bees - although I know easier said than done.
Maisy loves to chase and snap at a fly but a bee she will actually walk out of her way to avoid. I don't know why, maybe she was stung once and recognises the different buzz 'accent'.