There doesn't seem to be much about in the raw range in Pork, it's all Beef, Lamb, Turkey, Chicken.

And apart from ham and sausages I don't recall any mention of it.
I got some cheap shoulder steaks from Aldi for our dinner and cut a raw one up for Maisy which she ate with gusto.

Is it ok to give her that and does anyone feed raw pork?
I used feed a lot of raw pork—I was told the bones are softer than other large animals. But stopped it, and Snowie seems so much better not eating it. Can’t remember why I stopped it. I was trying to find out what was causing him to itch. Perhaps it was part of the elimination diet, I forget. When he was 1.5 yo he had a tapeworm infestation. I wonder if that was from the pork. Anyway, no more pork for him now.
For some reason I don't like the idea of feeding raw pork to Cass, I'm not sure why, maybe I've heard about worms, I don't know.
But it might try the trotters or tail, as suggested. Although I don't think you see them in the butchers here like you used to.
I only buy pork from the butcher that is intended for human consumption, so it is very safe.
I do the same—all the meat I buy for Snowie is human consumption quality. Well, that’s what the supplier states... And I’ve changed so many things over the years, so it’s difficult to say, yes, pork was the culprit.
Thanks everyone, I should think a shoulder steak given once in a while would not hurt, it would only be occasional, not every day. I didn't know that Pork was worse for giving worms so I will freeze it for a bit first, thanks @snowbunny.

I will ask the butcher for tails but I have not seen them, not sure I fancy Maisy munching on a trotter when we are at work though, maybe out in the yard in the summer where the customers can't see. She has had the dried ears and noses but didn't really like them.

I love a yummy shoulder steak, fried slowly for an hour ..... uuummmm.