Private field

I have booked a private field, not far from home, for an hour tomorrow morning. I'm going to take both dogs for my first visit and mix up walking and playing. It will be nice not to be on edge about meeting other dogs. If it's a suitable as It looks (I'm sure it will be) I will book individual sessions for each dog to do some training along with walking & playing.


Sound great! I can sympathise with that feeling of being on edge and constantly scanning when you're walking, and it's so nice to be able to go somewhere and decompress :)
We had an absolute blast. The field is not huge, but it is in lovely condition. The grass is mowed, it is well fenced and has a picnic bench to rest on. After running about, the dogs were hot and of course they found the stone horse trough and leapt in...drinking up the manky water. I forgot to take my phone/camera - boo. I will definitely be making more use of this wonderful facility.

dog field.jpg


Manchester UK
My brother has lots of unused fields at the moment. (70 acres)

He should turn one into a car park and one into a dog running field with woods at the bottom. People could pay online and use a keypad to get in.

He won’t - it involves work. He works hard all day being sustainable for his family (two households - growing all their food and fuel) but hates working to earn money, even when it’s such easy money!



East Sussex
Glad you had such a good time. It will be lovely to be able to let Meg free without worrying.

@Boogie Yes the one I hire is fully booked all the time. Some investment from the owner in making high, secure fencing and some maintenance I suppose (she provides dog poo bins which she must empty) - oh and I suppose insurance - but otherwise I would have thought an easy source of income.