Remembering Lily today


Cornwall , UK
Nine years , how can this be ? Our tiny little Jack Russell left us on this day .
Lily and her brother Paddy were rescued from an appalling life , this was when we lived in France . We drove 170 miles to fetch them and give them some much needed veterinary help and much love . The farm where they had lived was a shambles , lots of dogs , seemingly all interbreeding , a friend in the area had alerted me to the situation .
Both pups had medical problems , Paddy had a deformed spine and only made it to two years of age , Lily had stunted growth and a brain tumour but oh my goodness , they were loved well and truly . Our French Vet couldnt understand why we had taken them into our heart and home , but someone had to . At least they had a loving home with us , Lily made it to seven years old when her tumour began to cause cluster seizures which couldnt be controlled . They both came back to the UK with us , sadly little Paddy died soon afterwards, but Lily managed another few years , most of them being Mothered by our then Labrador Tess who adored her . Bless you little girl , never forgotten x