Reubens pad

Just setting the scene , it was not pretty :facepalm: Yesterday morning we had to be at Derriford Hospital for Pauls CT to check on his pancreas and so early morning I took the dogs for a quick run at Golitha Falls , all good so far x Elder grandson Adam was calling in briefly to collect his crash helmet for his motor bike as he passed his test last week . On arrival home , I thought the marks on the hall carpet were mud , it was blood, lots and lots of it too , a trail leading down the hall into the kitchen then sitting room but worse was to come . Adam has left his crash helmet in the bedroom and after fetching it, he did not close the bedroom door , so the trail of blood continued onto the carpet and on the bed which had clean bedding on it . A close look at Reuben revealed a slice of pad skin missing , bleeding like a running tap and we had to leave home . He was such a good boy, letting me gently dab it dryer and give it a squirt of leucillin . Oh the mess when we got home three hours later, poor lad ,it looked very sore but no limping and so the clean up began , took me all afternoon but thankfully the blood flow had ceased, all was well until Silas got back from school when Reubs got excited and off it went again :facepalm: I have ordered some cleaning stuff for getting blood out of carpets, it is arriving this afternoon, our hall way looks like a murder scene . Needless to say , Reuben has not been to Playgroup today , just had a short walk and that will do . same tomorrow I think xx
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Hope it has stopped bleeding completely by now. I can remember my dog cutting his paw and when I had finished at the surgery, it looked like murder scene, so I can well imagine what you went through. Even more difficult was that you had to go out and could not attend to it. I think you deserve a medal :hug:
Thanks loves , the paw stopped bleeding pretty quickly once he had calmed down , calm not featuring in Reubens vocabulary very often :facepalm: The wound has dried nicely, looks clean and already hardening but I will keep him off rough ground for a while. The carpet stains dont look half so bad now that the blood has dried so maybe a hoover rather than dampen them with the product I bought , my kitchen floor has never been so clean xxx
So sorry to hear about Reuben’s blood scene! Thankful that it’s healing nicely. The Simple Solution Pet Stain and Odor Remover is excellent, and smells nice, too!