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Oh my goodness! The dogs were just badgering me to "do something"....considered pacifying them with a Likki mat, I went to get them & noticed some scent mice in a box of catnip. OK I'll try these instead. Coco had a go when I bought them a couple of years ago but it didn't float his boat at the time. I'll give them a go.

I let them have a quick sniff, then hid a mouse in another room. Let them in with a "FIND IT" and Meg came rushing in like a police sniffer dog, really working the room. She found it really quickly under the bean bag. I did 5 more searches - she's bloody brilliant! Coco joins in but with nowhere near the drive she has. In fact he sniffed one out and moved on. She looks like a Spaniel the way she rushes about, inhaling the air. They're both settled now after that quick game. Amazing.

Currently she sees the mouse as the reward and picks it up, rushing off with it (to destroy probably). I take it from her's really slimy and icky, she has the most spitty mouth ever, though she's not a drooler. I need an even better reward.
Brilliant, sounds like you've found Megs "thing". I never tire of watching them use their noses.

I've never heard of scent mice, are they a special thing you can buy? Cassie has a small snipe dummy on which I rub pheasant scent from a stick (like Pritt), she enjoys doing that -- you've reminded me now! Finding the dummy I mean, not rubbing the scent on :giggl:

These days she's happy on the sofa between walks, I've got at bit lazy with the training :)
I've never heard of scent mice, are they a special thing you can buy?
I can't remember where I started with these. But essentially it's just a small, stuffed toy you can put in a tub of catnip so that it takes on the smell. I think my original pointers came from The Other Place. I have a couple of them. They are both drying out now and I'll put them back in the tub for another session. These little mice are perfect.

Ah...Scent work mice


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I made a few for Fred and Annie (From the other side) We play this when its raining or when it goes dark early. I made catnip squares and put them in an old ice cream box. They have lasted very well must be over 2 years old by now. I better make some more in the shape of a mouse.

Got my catnip off ebay for a couple of pounds. The sell it by the packet. Get UK only not China
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