Seven today, GGJ!


Biscuit Tin Guardian
We went on a train to the other side of the hill, to a place that will no doubt bring some memories back to Mags@Boogie, as it's not far from where she used to live. It was wet and muddy and at one stage I couldn't decide if what was falling from the sky was hail, sleet, or just thick rain! Still, it was nice to walk somewhere different....20240419_112542.jpg20240419_113359.jpg20240419_113028.jpgJoy had a good sniff for the fairies but couldn't find any!20240419_113009.jpgThen it was back on the train. Wet and muddy Birthday Girl on her way home!20240419_120253.jpg
Happy birthday GGJ. ❤ Looks like you had a wonderful day on your birthday.

Carpeted train?? How do they keep the floor clean with all the mud?!