Snuffle mat


I used something like this:
And then I bought a load of felt which I cut into strips and tied on. It takes a LONG time (and lots of craft knife blades because they get blunt really quickly on felt) but it's quite therapeutic. It doesn't cost a lot less than buying one, though :D

I've seen people use sink mats, too, which would be a lot less heavy, but it would depend on the dogs to whether it's suitable. Although, to be fair, Squidge just picks the snuffle mat up and chucks everything on the floor anyway :cwl:
The others love it, though!
I have a new take on this- wobble mats! If you take the round blow up mat and deflate it, it's great for spreading on just a bit of cream cheese or peanut butter, as well as a few tiny morsels of meat small enough to fit between the rubber teeth. Takes ages for Monty to clean it out, not completely the same as a snuffle mat as there's alot less sniffing involved, but great for a peaceful 10 minutes using very little food.