Strange lump

It looks similar to what my previous girl Billie had come up on the top of her head. I took her to the vets and they checked it out and said it was a wart. It never went away, she had it for the last few years of her life. Occasionally it would weep and then kind of scab over again, I just kept it clean and it didn’t bother her at all. It could be something like this, might be worth getting it checked out for your own peace of mind.


Bristol, UK
I am going to email the photo to the vets and will go in if they want to see her. I try to limit how often we go in as she shuts down.

@Jelinga I couldn’t see any sign of a scab, but it is possible.

It’s strange that there seems to be a hole in the middle of it which is strange.
Is she trying to scratch it? Is it itchy? Spider bites sometimes leave a hole.

Snowie is coming up with so many warts. Our vet says if they’re cauliflower-type lumps on the surface of the skin, he’s not worried, they’re just warts. But wow, they are popping up all over. Apparently an age thing, but I also get worried with each new one. I hope this one on Harley is nothing. xxx
Homer has a couple of warts, one on the top of his head. It doesn’t bother him. He did have a funny wart between the pads on his foot that did need removing. Best to get it checked out especially if it changes or grows.