Talking to dogs

Interesting article. I talk to Molly all the time - including when I'm training, which I am realise is not the ideal - and as is discussed in the article, not just commands or 'good girl' type of stuff.
Sadly I often tell her about things that I'm struggling with, like awkward family situations or work challenges. The funny thing is, she often seems to listen, she certainly looks at me as if she's taking it all in :rofl: What would I do without Molls to sort it all out for me? :wink:


Manchester UK
We also talk to each other through the dog. :p

Eg “I wonder if Mummy would like burgers for tea?” - friendly conversation through the dog, we both do it.

“Mummy doesn’t like it when .....” - these kind of comments when OH is ‘testing the water’ and dare not ask me straight. :giggl: I don’t do this one as I’m straight talking with everyone.
Hilarious! As were the comments. I liked this one in particular:

Although I still miss living in New York City I confess I’m relieved the author did not hear me on the corner of 70th and York assuring Mr. Fluffy that he is the Messiah of Dogs. That statement can provoke strong reactions from other people but invariably they are more interested in what he thinks about it. My own mother often remarks that I have lost my mind over that dog, right before she says to him, “Isn’t that right, Fluff?”
We talk to Snowie all the time. It never struck me as something that could be odd! :)

If my husband does something I don’t like, I say to Snowie, “Do you see what I have to put up with?!” My husband gets so annoyed, thinks I might be influencing Snowie’s opinion of him!!! :cwl::rofl: That’s why I loved the comment that I pasted above.


East Sussex
I often hear myself talking to Molly as if she were a four-year-old child (a result of me being an Early Years teacher I think). I say things like, 'Now it's really not a good idea to do that because ....' When it's just me and Molls at training, I explain the order of events : 'Have a run around for a few minutes and then we'll do a bit of heel-work and after that we'll play tuggy.' When we're getting ready to go out I say things like, ' Shall we go to the beach or the Downs, what do you think?' I also often tell her she's the best little doggie in all the world ('best'? yes, 'little'? hmm) while we gaze into each others eyes.


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I was reading the article whilst eating my breakfast, which meant breakfast took a little longer than usual. Joy knows that once breakfast is cleared away it's Walk Time, one of the highlights of her day. As I was reading this morning she was nudging me with her nose and squeaking softly. I found I was saying 'Alright alright, in a minute! Just let me finish this! Actually, I'm reading about how I communicate with YOU, you know.'
Quite, quite ridiculous!
Also just like @Joy I spend a lot of time telling her she's the best little dog in the Whole Wide World and any minute now I suspect I'm going to say to her, 'Right, I'll just put the washing in and then we'll make a start on that chutney!'
No hope for me at all!:$
I pretty much narrate my whole day to both dog and baby. And yes, I explain what we are going to do as well- "we'll just walk back down the hill, mummy will bring the bins in then we'll all have lunch." And I use a very similar tone of voice for both of them, right down to the "good boooy." Oh dear. And I call the dog all sorts of embarrassing pet names in public. I remember a kid who walked past us yelling out "MUM, that lady called her dog sweetie!" :$
If Snowie is bugging me for a walk but it’s too early and I still have to work, I tell him, “It’s too early and you need to wait ten minutes.” Then I hold up ten fingers and show him how long that it is. Yeah, I get that English might be difficult for him. :wasntme: