Teaching to pick toys

Can anyone help me get started with this? I am looking for something to do with Cassie in the late afternoon/evening that's not too high energy. She is often restless at this time, and if we go out and do some training it seems she has trouble unwinding afterwards, and she is looking for stuff to do. Especially if, like tonight we do some blind retrieves, she just stays in "looking for" mode. She's been in every nook and cranny and found just about everything she can just now. I feel I should be using this time a bit more positively, even though I am in wind down mode myself!

How do I start teaching her to identify and pick up her toys and belongings to put in their basket?
We also have this in between time , although Reuben is usually settled and sleepy by 7ish . I have been playing in the garden with him, just ball games and hiding games but not every night as I dont want it to be rigid, due to winter weather coming .
I would start with just two toys , offer them and call each one by name , then ask for them back, place them in the toy basket saying whatever you chose ,xxxxx gone to bed, or put xxxxx in the basket , Rinse and repeat , it may take a time but my late GSD Ben knew every toy by name and would fetch them to order !
Here's how I would do it if I were trying to do it with planning:

Start a retrieve with one toy from the beginning, give it a name (the name of the toy).
Do the same with a second toy.
Get stimulus control (behaviour only happens on the correct name).
"Fade in" the other toy - have the one you're asking for close and obvious, the other one farther away, or more difficult. You can mix them up, but whichever one you're asking for is the easy one. Gradually bring the other one closer until they are side by side, and eventually switched so the harder one is the one you're asking for.
Then increase other points of difficulty - how far they are from her, different locations in the room etc.
For each new toy, put it on its named cue independent of the other toys, then fade them in.