Thank you, thank you.

My doorbell went at 7 o'clock yesterday evening and I found a parcel from Amazon on the step, thought, I haven't ordered anything, probably wrong address, so looked closely at label and yes it was my name. I opened the parcel and was overcome with the contents, which all of you have kindly sent. A lovely cuddly hoody and a snuggle pad which warms in the microwave.

There are not sufficient words to fully thank you for you thoughtfulness and kindness. I now feel less worried and concerned about the heating system, as I can now stay warm inside the garment and cuddle the pad. So the biggest thank you that can be sent. I feel warmed by your thoughtfulness β™₯

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
No worries, I was just pulling your leg, I know posting photos isn't your forte.
Stay cosy x
I tried and got an enormous photo of me which filled my desktop and which I couldn't get rid of and so couldn't use my laptop. Have just spent the last hour on phone and team viewer with a chap to get rid of it and to be able to use my laptop again :sad: Am hopeless (but warm:D).