The Benefits or not of YuMove

When Charlie had his surgery I asked the Orthopaedic Surgeon if I should use YuMove Plus to help him. He was pretty scathing about the product saying he has a 10 year old Labrador and wouldn't give it to his dog. He continued to say that it has absolutely no benefits for Charlie as he has Cruciate Ligament Disease so you can't do anything for it with supplements, surgery is the only way forward. Also he added it's hugely expensive which it is. I am still giving it to him as the guilt would kill me. I also give it to Hattie to help with her arthritis but really not sure what to think. Charlie has got the start of arthritis in his bad knee.

I have been reading about Joint Aid which is a lot cheaper and not that different, as far as I can see anyway. @Jennifer recommended it to me.

I know lots of us use it so just thought it worth sharing. Obviously professionals and owners have different opinions. xxx


Bristol, UK
Harley can’t stomach YuMove, it makes her vomit a lot. We tried 2 different types.
We give her golden paste and devils claw daily and it does seem to work. She has arthritis in both front legs / paws.
I have used a joint supplement that is made and packaged by my own vet practice (although it's now general practice, it started off as a referral for recovery, rehab and pain management) so it's a bespoke mix, I can send you the ingredients if you like. I also give omega 3 daily - with a high EPA, as this was recommended by an ortho surgeon we saw when Monty was 15 months.

Do they work? I haven't got a clue. But I keep giving them because I don't see that they do any harm, and it might do some good. For Monty, it's part of a balance of treatments - hydro, cartophen, Metacam, occasional paracetamol or tramadol, laser therapy if he has a flare up, regulated exercise, but most importantly weight management. And maybe they do work as Monty will be seven next week and touch wood, he's not looking so bad. Honestly didn't think he would reach five.

Is Charlie insured? I claim the joint supplements as part of my regular Petplan claim - they are expensive, £65-£70 for a tub which lasts 3 months, but I think I'd still buy them even if we had to pay ourselves.


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Yumove has changed Nellys life for the better . A very good Vet friend ( Lochan on the old forum ) recommended it to me and our own Vet swears by it . Nelly has shocking back end joints , the ortho surgeon , when viewing her Xrays said that he wouldnt know where to start , she would require at least 4 operations ,and thats if all was to go well . She has been on the Yumove for over three years and as far as I`m concerned , she will be on it for life xx
I use it on Hunter. I stopped it in the summer to see what happened and he was much stiffer when not taking it. We also use Flexadin.
I also mix golden paste with green lip mussel and salmon oil for his evening meal
I have an issue now with Yumove shipping direct from them as they no longer ship to NL.
I think you have to work out what works best for your dog. Same for hoomans! For Hunter it definitely helps.
All his joints are pants now and he has arthritis in his right elbow.


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We give YuMove to Harvey. Admittedly we started this at the same time as Cartrophen injections after our vet diagnosed arthritis so we don't know for sure which it is that works but he has been much better (no more limping) since we started. In hindsight, we should have just tried one thing at a time but we don't now wish to stop either as one of them or the combination, is clearly working :)
I don’t think we get Yumove in SA, but I give Snowie GCS, which is regarded here as the best joint supplement with all the usual ingredients in powder form. But I also feed him a fresh sardine every day (omega 3) and I make up my own turmeric paste (anti inflammatory). He also gets at least one raw chicken foot (chondroitin and collagen) every day. I’m skeptical about supplements that are reduced to powder form, but I’m too afraid not to use them in case they are working!! So I “supplement” with the fresh ingredients and hope they all do a good job together! So far so good—he’s been stiff after a hectic walk, but hasn’t had a bad “back attack” in a while.


I use a human version of YouMove... and it has really helped me. It doesnt stop the inevitable, but I have found it really truly helps. My orthopedic doctor said it seems to help some people, and not others. I guess it's the same with dogs!
@Natalie Charlie is insured with Pet Plan but they refused to even pay for Hattie's renal food which is essential for her kidneys.

I also give Hattie & Charlie Salmon oil daily, Charlie gets a can or two of sardines every week (Hattie can't have them any more due to high protein content) and cooked chicken, Charlie also gets some raw duck necks, chicken wings etc.

It's such an emotional thing but I feel if I stop giving him YuMove I would be failing him and his health. I'm not going to stop supplements just in case they work in some way.

Here is the Joint Aid that @Jennifer has used for years, she swears by it. Any thoughts anyone?



Casper is on Yumove Plus and we have him on a high dose, it is worth checking dosage, and ensuring that the this is front-loaded initially for the recommended 6 weeks. He originally was on Yumove Advance, which has a slightly different ratio of ingredients. There is a clinical trial with Yumove Advance, and because it's a challenge to assess pain in a dog, they used special sensors to monitor activity. The outcome was that exercise and general activity did increase significantly, but if I remember this correctly (and I may have this wrong...) the rest of the endpoints showed no significant difference, I think this was pain management? Pretty tricky though to assess pain accurately and with consistency with dogs especially to clinical trial standards.

Anecdotally, I would say this has made a difference, and for sure it meant in the early days it was effective enough for us to be able to stop the NSAIDS he was having in conjunction at around 6 weeks post initiation of Yumove Advance. This apparently was pretty normal in the early stages of arthritis when using Yumove and NSAIDs. Of course dogs age much more quickly than us, and as arthritis progression is fairly inevitable things change later down the line. Interestingly, and this is anecdotal, adding salmon oil, seems to have augmented the effects of the Yumove. He was off salmon oil for a bit, so I can see a bit of difference, but of course, progression is not linear, so this improvement could be coincidental.

On balance? Most vets I have spoken to, including some pretty good orthopods, all agree that a multi modal approach, which includes high quality supplements, such as Yumove (Plus and Advance) , is the best way forward. I also feel that the longer we can stave off the use of more longer term NSAIDs, then these become more of an option for longer later down the line.
Would Cod Liver Oil be beneficial to dogs?

I had a lady tell me that all her dogs have a teaspoon a day and have all lived to long lives without joint problems. Could be coincidental obviously but maybe an alternative to Salmon oil?
If you feed cod liver oil, it's very important to get the dosage right, which probably means NOT using human capsules. Warning to dog owners over 'deadly' health supplements
That's interesting, am I understanding it correctly though? It is ok to give the oil?
"Mr Booth . . . says supplementing with actual oil, rather than in the form of a tablet, is great for dogs fed a dry diet, and who might be prone to respiratory illnesses "

Maisy has a spoon of the oil on her veg when she has raw, I don't give her the tablets and it is not every day either.