The hole


Cornwall , UK
Some time ago , Reuben dug a hole in the lawn , so I filled it back in and within no time, he had dug it out again . Next time I filled it in with soil , put a grass sod on top and covered it with a large plant pot , he knocked the plant pot off and dug it out again :facepalm: I filled it back in and this time I covered the spot with a set of plastic hop up steps , he watching from the sidelines . I went out to see what he was doing , to find that he had knocked the steps over and once more dug up the hole :headbang: He has not dug anywhere else but this has become a cat and mouse game for the tyke , he knows he shouldnt be doing it, his face when caught in the act is priceless , maybe I should just leave him to it and pay no heed, he might just get fed up, eventually x
We found some black plastic sticking out the ground on a walk, me and 2 other ladies.

The first one (quite kindly and innocent and gentle) suggested it was a poo bag or carrier.
The second one (ex police forensic and also gardener) suggested it was the wrapping round the ball of a tree.
I was the one that thought it might be wrapped around a dead body :facepalm: