The Kennel Club - no hoomans allowed!

Mum told me there was a noo place that I could come and woof at all my old friends. Hello everyone! Shadow, Willow and Ginny are all sleepytimes at the moment, but I'm pretty sure that Dad's going to leave the baby gate to his workroom open again soon so I can grab his furry paint roller. See if I can make it three times today! Wish me luck!

I finally got the carrot! I finally got the carrot! There's this half eaten carrot sitting in the grass by the footpath and every night I trytrytry to grab it, but every night Mum walks me farfarfar around the carrot so I can't LabradorLunge and get the carrot. But tonight we had the small human with us so Mum was distracted and I GOT THE CARROT! Mum just said "fair play Xena, I managed to keep you away from it for 2 weeks, you deserve it". RESULT! 2 week old manky carrot is THE BEST CARROT!


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We have been playing in the paddling pool this morning because it is so hot.................Fred and Annie