The Kennel Club - no hoomans allowed!

Frens.....I haven tole you about my caffay 'sperience. It was ace! I got a Kong and a dentastick and I got to watched all the hoomans and then Dad gave me sum sossige off his plate. It tasted nice but it made my tongue all tingly. Dad sed it was chor-ee-tso

I was norty this mornin'. I caught a big sniff and then sniffed up higher an then I thort I saw somethin' goin' on up the hill so I ran and ran and ran an then coodnt see Mum and Dad anymore. They was callin' and callin' but then I caught another big sniff so I thought jus one moor sniff and then I'll go back. Then Dad came and seemed a bit huffy and red in the face. We went home then and it was veeery kwiet in the car


Cornwall , UK
Yesterday I wos a gud boy cos a uncel came to see Mummy an Daddy an cos I dont no him veri well , I was carm as carm cud be on the gardin . Mummy sed , why arnt you lyke this wen you see anti emilieee ? I fort abowt this , its cos I no her an she has my fren Carbon wiv her and she smells nice , she smells of treets , Roobin xx


Am on a die-et. Iss an "eet evryfing" die-et an its fabbydabbydozy! Frens, u shud SEE how much fud I iz gettin! The trik is u juss gotta run run run run run run run run run run run then you kin eet wotever u wont an still be skinnee. Mum sed she should trye it sumtime. But she orlso sed Im eetin her owt of hows an hoam. I dun fink hows an hoam wud be tastee tho.