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Frens @edzbird Coco an @Lab_adore Maxxxx, yoo shud arsk yore fokes to put you on Rore. I has rore and rore is gud, the wait dus dropov.
Peeple sai "oooo aren't you slim fora Lab. I sez well yes I knose it but plez feel free too give me plenty plenty snax and titbits.
I get lots of stuff four our trainin games too.
Once my persun thort to get summfing less costly, it was nice but I did put on wait and farted more. So I went back on rore. Cos she felt meen.
Tis gud.


Casssseeeie Oooo


Biscuit Tin Guardian
I am at Auntee Magses howse with frends Tatze and Ted, tis a luvlee Nadvencher and I have had diffrent walks an diffrent swims and I have been to a pub and a place wot wos parentlee a Caf-feed- ral. Twas nice and Veryvery carm feeling and Mother ses now I am trooly a Dog of Culcher. Awlso Mother says there will be a nuvver Nadvencher tomorrow.
Just now I am a bit snoozy.20240604_174630.jpgYor frend
GGJ xxxxxxx


Biscuit Tin Guardian
Cornbeefwall! We are in Cornbeefwall! :tail: :tail: :dug::tail::pull::pull: We hav met Auntee Emlee and Carbón! We went to the Beech an swam in the Sea! Mother tryed to take pikchers but I fink we were too bizzy playing and swimming. Today we will be having More Nadvenchers.
Your frend,
GGJ xxxxxxx
Pee Ess, but where is the Cornbeef?
Hey frens , tis me , Roobin . I herd Mummy say that tomorrow , we are goin to see Anti Emily an my mate Carbon an also sum new frens to play wiv on the beech . Mummy sed I have to be on my best behvior , I dont understand this at all , I will just go crackerdog like usual . Mummy also told Daddy that he mus get a parkin tickit cos last time he dint and it cost him 60 pounds , silly man , jus fink of how meny biccies he cud have got for that muny , love Roobin ccc
Got me a brilyunt nyoo leed. It gowes longa and longa anit feels juss liyke beeying free. Liyke no persun atatched. till yoo get too far :rofl:
enny waiyes I went on the beech lass week an mooched an pranssd an paddld an rowled in rottin seeweed an too daiye I went on a jungul path and i xsplord the ditch an aiyte dog poo an sor flowers an mud, it was grate. I luvs me nyoo leed an fink it will leed to menny norty nadvenchurs.

- Meg(an) Sparkle (4th Best Collie)