The Labraventures of Carbón, Spanish (ex-) foster dog extraordinaire


Mama Red HOT Pepper
Oh señor Carbón, you write like el cómico - I love it so!

This, my friend, is a punto de discordia, a point of contention in our household too - oh sí |(
Amiga @HAH , you simply must accept that we dogs are just better at some things. Modelling, sniffing, cuddling…and poo eating in my case. Claro que sí, I am an extremely special Señor so not EVERY dog may have ALL my special skills.
Oh, how wonderful to be riding the vaporetto! Signor Carbon, you are with The Top Venice Guide In All The World. Your ML helped make our Venice trip truly wonderful! I’m just sorry that your train travel didn’t go as smoothly as ours. Your ML shared all her tips and tricks of Italian train travel. We had not one single hitch! Of course, we were lucky there were no strikes at the time!

I miss whiling away the hours over very loooong breakfasts on the canal. I look forward to seeing pics of your breakfasts on the canal! 😛


Mama Red HOT Pepper
Feel better soon ML. Don't overdo it xx
I am making sure we go very slowly by sniffing every single centimetre of Venice and this way ML could not possibly become over tired. Claro que sí, I am doing this for completely selfless medical reasons and not because of all the deleeecious smells to be had here.

Maybe we will stay a few days longer to make up for all the time under the duvet. How happy I would be if we did that : Venice is really paradise for us dogs!