The Partridge Family

I’ve just spent a lovely few minutes watching the partridges come home to roost on my roof! I knew that they have for the last few weeks been spending over night up there, they have left lots of evidence of their occupation on my terrace, but haven’t yet managed to see them doing it.

It was such fun to watch, as they came round the corner in twos or threes onto our lit path and dithered around before setting off singly to fly up to the roof. I assume in this cold weather that they settle in by the chimneys as they are not obvious from the ground. I must have heard at least half a dozen fly up there before I watched and counted another eleven take off. They are such comical birds, plump and waddling but super fast in flight. In the summer I watch the partridge families walk together along our old boundary holly hedge and it always makes me smile.

I am always upset when the dogs manage to capture one, far more than when they peg a pheasant, although Bing has such a soft mouth that I can often take them and let them fly off again.