The Three Toy Game


East Sussex
(I was going to put this in the Training Toolbox section but I'm not allowed to post it there.)

This is a game to encourage your dog to focus on you - to develop the attitude that the best place is always where you are.
Put 3 toys (soft toys/ tuggy toys) in a triangle, each a few yards apart. Tell dog they are free and you go and start playing with one of the toys. The dog should come to you, so you play together for about 30 seconds. Then you drop the toy and run to one of the others and start playing with that. You don't call the dog or tell it to leave the other toy but it should drop it and run to the new toy to play with you. Again after a short play, drop it and run to the next toy and repeat.

I tried it with Tess this morning and it worked exactly as described.

The game comes from Deb Jones as part of her presentation on the Fenzi Hocus Pocus Magic Focus Conference. It was presented as being for puppies but I can see value in it for any age dog who is toy motivated.


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