Tuppence and the Kong

Tuppence has lost her night-time Kong. I usually retrieve the Kongs from their crates when The dogs have their breakfast in the morning, but this morning my son let the dogs out in the garden first and didn’t pick up the Kongs. Wispa’s was still in her crate, but Tuppy’s has vanished. I’ve searched high and low, but can’t find it, so... Wispa has had her Kong-smeared-with-peanut-butter for her goodnight treat, but I just gave Tuppy a treat instead.

Cue noise of frantic scratching coming from Tuppy’s crate. I told her to settle down and go to sleep and went upstairs.

Cue barking from the kitchen. Heard grandson let Tuppy out into the garden. Cue more barking from kitchen.

Went downstairs. Grandson mumbles from his computer that Tuppy won’t settle, even though he’s let her out.

More searching for Kong. In desperation, take Wispa’s Kong, smear it with peanut butter again and give it to Tuppy. Wispa looks resigned, Tuppy settles.

Have I made a rod for my own back with this bedtime ritual?! I could have given her a frozen stuffed Kong, but I don’t want to set a precedent! :(