Veteran and Reward Classes


East Sussex
Thought you might like to see our efforts in the latest competition. The first is the Veteran class (for dogs aged 7 and over) - I can't believe Molly is now in this category! We were scored a very generous 208 (out of 210) which gave us 3rd place.

The second video is a fun one. There was a class called Christmas Freestyle Reward which allowed you to create your own course in a small space, with a Christmas theme, and to reward your dog with food as often as you wished (and even to carry it in your pocket - though not in your hands.) You had to send a list of the exercises you were doing with your entry form. Quite tricky with a big dog and a tiny living room and again a generous mark of 199.



Biscuit Tin Guardian
Dear Molly! She follows you in such a calm and ladylike manner, wagging away and gazing adoringly at you! My GGJ would be prancing, nudging my hand for treats and wanting to know what the next game was! Well done both of you! :clap: