We Need You! 101 ideas for things to do on restricted exercise. The GREAT forum Summer Challenge!


:sun::sun:Here you go...The BIG Forum Summer Challenge! :sun::sun:

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Aim of the challenge, to get to 101 ideas of things to do when your dog is on restricted activity or crate rest. :)

And there is is a prize involved! :tail::gift::celebrate:

All ideas will be indexed here with a link to the post in the thread. So it will be really helpful if you could number your idea, then we can pop a link here in the pinned post. Example below...:rock:

:pull: So thinking caps on......and........Go, Go GO!!!!!! :pull:
1. Muffin Tray Game or "Caspers' Balls
2. Snuffle mat
3. Kibble hunt
4. Teaching the dog to “read”
5. Frozen kongs
6. Teaching a hand touch
7. Weaving and wrapping round your legs
8. Activity Board
9. Kong Wobbler for feeding
10. Cross paws
11. "Round the clock" on a place board.
12. Teaching a Paw/High 5
13. Teaching “Play Dead”
14. Teaching ‘middle’
15. Hiding treats in the garden
16. Hide and seek
17. Teach a "Go Around" (dog goes around stool or other low object, increasing distance)
18. Teach "Paw Target" (increasing distance and decreasing size of target)
19. Opening doors/cupboards on cue (with stimulus control!! )
20. Fetching slippers
21. Picking up a coin
22. Backing up
23. Pivots on a platform
24. Bow
25. Sit pretty
26. Position changes (sit/down/stand) at a distance, with your back turned, while hopping on one leg, from another room etc
27. Tidy up (put toys in box)
28. Settle (working up to at a cafe, park or other place where there is lots of activity to observe)
29. Pick up lead and deliver to handler

50. Identifying which pot has the treat under it (2 or 3 pots)
51. Behind
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34. Chin rest
35. Extend chin rest for husbandry - eye drops and ear drops
36. Stand for examination
37. Lay on side for examination (both sides)
38. Teeth brushing and mouth examination
39. Nail trimming
40. Consent for injections
41. Four feet on any platform (for weigh scales)
42. Front feet and rear feet on different targets
43. Individual feet on different targets
44. Teach foot discrimination so the dog can lift/target each paw on cue