The weather round the world seems to be extreme.
We took Hattie and Charlie to the loch yesterday, Charlie raced to the waters edge waiting for a ball throw, out it goes and bounced across the water :cold: The loch had a layer of ice on it. To say this confused Charlie is an under statement. He kept swimming out for the ball but was stopped by the ice so he would then come back, standing looking thinking how he was going to get it :idea: He went round the edge and in again, nope frozen. Bless him he didn't want to give up so I threw another one into the grass, no that wasn't good enough he wanted to retrieve the one in the loch, so I ended up throwing his dummy in the shallow end for a few retrieves, he was happy and we ended on a positive. We did some 'find' it with treats and sausage tree so he had a great time :smiledog:It is freezing here, foggy with thick frost.

How's the weather where you are? xxx


East Sussex
8c here on the East Sussex coast and sunny. I was amazed at how much colder it was when I was at inland Hampshire at the weekend. I got in the car on Sunday morning to go to the show and only then realised there was a thick layer of ice on the windscreen. The last few years I've had bedding plants survive the winter outside.


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Hot, smoky, sunny and 32 here today. 39 in western Sydney. Extreme fire danger again but there will be a nice cool southerly change later

Ironic as we had the family over for a pool party on Sunday and it was cool with a cold wind and a bit of rain. No-one went swimming even though the solar heating had the water temp up to 30 degrees; it was too cold out