Weave poles


I've started doing a little shaping with weave poles, having seen a series of clips of someone doing it. My three are all enthusiastic weavers, but I have to be alongside them and they don't have any understanding of having to enter them on a certain side etc. They've also never done more than six poles in a sequence. So I figured it would be fun to start off getting a bit more understanding and independence into it. This was from this evening's session. Prior to this, we've done one session with a single pair of poles, and one session with two pairs of offset poles.

In this session, the two pairs start off with a slight offset, which is how we left off last time. This meant that I could do a bit of a refresher where they can see the T&T in a straight line from me and they get used to the process before I get back into a straighter entry. I kept this for a little while, and altered my handling for the entry, so we're starting to work towards the dog being able to run around me and choose the correct side of the poles to start from.
I then set the two pairs into a straight line, and had them work that. We had to go back to easier handling to start with, before I moved back and gave them their independence again.

They're all getting the idea. Squidge makes me laugh because she's such a bulldozer. She just runs through the poles, bashing them out of the way with her shoulders, rather than really going round them. She has fun, though, and that's what matters :D



This would be really useful to set up for my lot. Great for spine flexibility. Otter is now alert and grumpy cos she heard the treat trainer! :rofl: Just love watching your lot train, especially squidge. Loving Ginny in the background looking relaxed and comfortable just to "hang out".