What made you smile today?

Well, yes, as above!

But for me too starting to put into practice the advice re free hunting from yesterdays gundog lesson. I'm supposed to join in with her and actively search the hedgerows etc. So I thought I'd start this morning in a low risk environment, Cassie's face was a picture, she was like "Well, I don't what ever you're doing but I tell you now there's nothing interesting in there!"
Any way we carried on walking and she did join in and it was a joy to see her start wriggling her body and wagging her tail --- it was as if she thinks I'm finally in her world, and I really did come home with a smile on my face and inside:)


Mama Red HOT Pepper
Carbon finding his new horse stuffie in the jumbled pile of all my unpacked junk and running around the apartment tossing it over his head.

Seeing the seemingly Christmas-morning-level joy on my German friend's face when I delivered her UK-bought peanut butter and jams to her. Apparently you all do the best peanut butter and jam ever...?

And absolutely seeing @Boogie in her Lederhosen. Stunning, girl, stunning. :cwl:
Willow chose me over a ball!!
Shadow somehow found a ball this evening. I have no idea where it came from, but the Labs have been bouncing it around the bedroom (where I work) for the last hour or so. Willow eventually got hold of it. I happened to go over to her and give her tummy rubs - ignoring the ball, because I'm working on her not seeing me as trying to take balls away, even if that's only to throw them again! Squidge came over and Willow did her ever-so-terrifying lip curl that nobody believes. Not surprising, she's holding a ball. But then - THEN! - she put the ball down so Squidge could take it, and prodded me for more tummy rubs!!
she put the ball down so Squidge could take it, and prodded me for more tummy rubs!!
Tuppence does that too if Wispa has managed to get on the sofa beside me. She trots off and finds a toy, waves it around in Wispa’s face te entice her to play, Wispa jumps off the sofa for what she supposes is going to be a tuggy game, Tuppence lets go of the toy, jumps up and snuggles next to me, all ready for her cuddle!


Today was quite incredible. I spent a half day with a gamekeeper on an 1100 acre farm in Wiltshire. I saw hare, Sparrowhawk, Red Kite, and I think yellowhammer? The sparrowhawk was beautiful, just perched by me on a fence post. I have only ever seen one hare (fleetingly) in my life. I loved it, a fascinating insight into the life of a gamekeeper. LOTS of smiles today!