What to do when your dogs needs enforced rest?


A thread to collect any ideas, thoughts and experiences you may have when for any length of time your dog has needed restricted exercise in the form of lead walks, crate rest :)

I will kick off with the muffin game! :)

I have hidden a few treats under the tennis balls in the muffin tray, Casper LOVES this game!



Devon, UK
Lovely @Beanwood , Caspar is very dignified with this game! I think Kipper would have the tray over in a second :)

I’ve posted before about the toilet roll game, and this adapts very well for inside too. I found you can snip toilet roll middles in half and there’s still room to fold down the edges, makes them go twice as far ;)


Mama Red HOT Pepper
@Beanwood oh my, Carbon's head would explode with all those tennis balls!

Our latest SD training game is teaching Carbon to go around a larger object like a stool. You can do it either using nose targeting (start with marking the target at the half circle) or shaping (start dog at your side, when he starts to move mark it and then feed on the other side of the circle so that he completes the circle). When the dog is going around by himself, start to add distance so he's starting with you at 3,6, etc. feet away from the stool. Send to "Go Around".

We just started with it today and we both got a little dizzy from all the circling, but it was good fun. %)
In the past I've collected up all my clean paper, cardboard and plastic recycling and put it in a big cardboard box, hiding pieces of kibble in scrunched up newspaper, boxes, tetrapacks, milk and water bottles and then let him just hunt and chew and tear finding the biscuits. Makes a right mess but you can repeat it all a few times and it is good fun.