Wilson’s the man!!

Ah, yes, he is quite a big dog. Looking at that video, they are all of a similar shape. Molly is smaller and finer, less chunky I mean. I guess its because her mother (yellow, longer, taller) is working bred, and her dad (chocolate, smaller, chunkier) is show bred.
Its fascinating seeing family similarities, not just looks but bouncing behaviour as well :dug:


This breeder breeds dogs who are true to type (that is, they look how Labradors "should" look) and also fit for purpose. She works her dogs heavily throughout the shooting season. This was something I really wanted with Luna; a show-type Labrador who also had the temperament and physical capability to work.

Willow and Shadow are from quite strong field lines, and look nothing like this! They are fine boned, fine featured and with a far longer leg-to-body ratio (among other things). I like how they look, they're beautiful to me - but it's not true to type at all. W&S are faster than Luna, but she is so much more powerful, and it's incredible to see how she is able to use her body so much more effectively because it's properly built :)