Hi from me and Lyla!

Sorry I've been so quiet over the last month! Lyla has definately been keeping us occupied 😂

She is doing amazingly well. She's grown so much. She was 6.6kg at her first jabs on 1st June and 8.3kg at her second jabs a week ago today!

She is (fingers crossed) being less and less of a crocopup each day, which has given my arm the much needed time to heal 😂.

Lyla is being transitioned onto raw food at the moment and is thriving on it, her coat is so shiny and she goes mental for it!

Having her second lot of jabs means she can finally go on walks - we took her out on my lunch break today, and let her off lead, she was brilliant. All that recall training in the garden that we've been doing is definately paying off ❤

First 3 photos are her of her first walk. The one of me holding her was a week or so ago, as we were taking her out to socialise her (she didn't go on the ground!). The last one is her sleeping in her favourite position next to me on her bed whilst I was working ❤IMG_20200621_123448.jpgIMG_20200621_130403.jpg


Bristol, UK
Harley and I got to see Lyla this weekend. Things have been a bit rubbish for me at the minute with work and I needed a break from it all. I weighed up the risks of us visiting and decided that the positives outweighed the risks. It was great to spend 24 hours with them and Harley was really good with Lyla. Harley instigated a few plays and only gave 2 gruffs when she was over tired and Lyla wanted to play 😂