More homemade treats


Wow, that silicone mould thing looks like a great idea.

The ‘roll out and cut into shapes’ method is what I’ve usually done. I’ve always spaced out the individual bits before baking but looking at Sophie’s ones I’m not going to bother with that any more.
I bought a new silicone mould this week, round rather than pyramid shaped like @Candy and @HAH have. It's so much better! I went for the tiniest ones, so each tray does over 400 treats, I'm using them for streaming at the moment. One chicken carcass, two eggs, some flour, made about 1,200! I seemed to get the batter just right this time too, nothing stuck.
How long do you leave yours to dry out? Mine were completely cold when I put them in the jar, but they've gone from quite crispy to soft now. Doesn't matter, as I'll have used them all up within a week, but wonder if they should be left In a cool oven to dry out longer?

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Hooray, nice work @Natalie - they look great 👍 I haven’t made any of these ones for a while as I made a batch that went soft and then a bit mouldy in the jar. I need to experiment - the first batch were perfect, I think I left them in the oven a bit longer? Ideally I’m looking for biscuit texture rather than cookie softness, sounds similar to your plan. I’ll make some more and record my methods!