Nisha and Talía (Negreta and Lulú).... a journey.

How wonderful you are @snowbunny. I adopted a dog who was a nervous wreck, but so much younger than Negreta and he did recover more or less, it will be more difficult for Negreta but will be so much better than the life she has now and she will finally know love.


Thank you everyone. It's not going to be an easy thing, for sure, but it's the right thing, no question.

We're going to visit again this morning, yay!

I like to change the names of dogs from shelters to give them a totally fresh start. We're a little stumped with this little lady. We have a list (of course there's a list!) which so far includes:

Aria (air in Italian)
Fuego (fire in Spanish)
Nisha (night in Sanskrit)
Midnight (J's choice which I don't like but don't want to veto :giggl: )

It has to be something with connections to nature to fit in with our theme.

I've also had a word with my vet here and she is happy to help with providing us an oral sedative when it comes time to bring her home and, when the time is right, she's happy to come to our farm to administer the vaccinations, so we don't have to take her into the surgery. So that's a big weight off our minds :)