Sky is really easy...I have said to BRX, leave it a few days before you put anything up, as I am convinced something must surely be lurking in there. Dogs that come straight from a spell in a pound aren't quite themselves, and can take a while to get used to being in a home/back in a home. They can be on their best behaviour until they suss out the joint. Although her counter surfing is unreal!!! Nothing is out of reach, as she simply jumps up on the worktop.

The only problem is Otter really wants to play with her, and this is totally reciprocated, resulting in me having a full blown panic attack when I didn't realise Sky was in the garden last night, kangerooing and playbowing like mad behind me....jeez!! I ended up yelling in a kinda desperate voice to @Mr Beanwood to come rescue me!

Keeping an eye on Marcus....

sky sunday.jpg
She's gorgeous there's no doubt. So glad you are not adopting her just yet. As some of us know rescue dogs can change such a lot or not in some cases when they get their paws under the table! Best to be cautious for Sky's and any potential adopters sake. Enjoy her Beanwoods. xxx
And a yellow. You don’t have one of those yet ;)
Heh, heh...was going to mention that, but I was SURE that you would do it for me...and I was right! :monkey:

By the way, @Beanwood , hope you know I'm just teasing. I know everyone wants you to keep every foster and that's just not possible, otherwise you wouldn't be able to foster anymore. Plus you kind of have your hands full already. To say the least! :D


@Emily_Babbelhund I sooo want to keep Sky, she is just so darned perfect. She is very similar to Bramble, gentle and sweet but an absolute powerhouse when you flip a switch! She gets on with the whole gang, especially Otter, which is a pain in the neck really! Training she just soaks up. I am struggling to type right now as she is curled up on my lap! :inlove:

I took this last night. When she arrived she pulled like mad on a slip lead that Jem had brought along.