The Labraventures of Carbón, Spanish (ex-) foster dog extraordinaire

Hola todos! I'm back and bouncy this morning! It was muy refreshing to spend a whole night sleeping on ML's head. Normally I use my special pillow, but because ML left that in the car, her head made a slightly harder, yet perfectly acceptable, substitute. Que bien!

ML says we now have the door code, whatever that is, and we are ready to roll down the road. I have had a BIG breakfast and now have a happy tummy. ML spent an hour on the computer last night talking in German to my Tante Helga, so now I know we are going to Germany. We have to be very good and not see anyone for a week, but we have a date with Tante Helga next Saturday. Weeeeee!!!! Tante Helga always has good food and I love stealing her toys and giving besitos to her grumpy old dogs. That is the life, mis amigos.

I am a little sad that we are not going to Eeeengland to see my friends there, but ML says she has PLAN and that I just have to be patient. I can do that, I am a very patient Spanish Gentleman.

Vale, now we must get in the car and I must do the hard work of supervising ML's driving by pretending to sleep on my comfy TARDIS bed. I add some snoring for authenticity: ML is always fooled. A dog's work is never done, right, de verdad, mis amigos?
Hola todos! We are here! I was so happy that I bounced all the way from the car park to our apartment. Bounce bounce bounce! Like @Sophiedoodle 's bunny with a Christmas hat! And then I ran around the apartment with Monkey and bounced there too. ML is a little shocked that I am so happy to come back to Germany, but why not, porque no? That is what makes us dogs smarter than humans: where we are is always the BEST place until we are at the NEXT best place. I am a wise Spanish gentleman, no?

Now this wise Spanish gentleman is off to my bed for a long, long siesta. Ahhhhh, my pillow, my Monkey and my Flea. La vida es tan buena, life is so good!