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How old is your sweetheart Bella please? What colour is she? What does she like doing? (I'm guessing eating as an easy start!)
My girl is called Joy. She is aptly named but the most cautious little Labrador I've ever known (she's my fifth and black and shiny and beautiful)
Our vet completely understands her cautious nature and very kindly works with it and with me to create the least distressing vet experience for her as possible. He also admits that he actually wants to steal her! :giggl:
Hi @SWALKER , I hope you are able to find the way forward to get these issues for your lovely Bella sorted. Sounds like she has certainly been through the mill lately, I look forward to hearing and seeing more of her soon!
I think because she originally did seem to recover well and now this it has knocked our confidence but the advice here today has helped reassure me so much! Thanks to everyone I will keep you updated
I'm glad you've found some help here. I hope we hear some good news of Bella soon. Good luck!


Bristol, UK
Hi and welcome from me and 7 year old girl, Harley. My girl is fearful at the vets now due to lots of procedures over the years. It has gotten worse since covid. I’m planning on doing several visits when they are back open just to say hi, weigh her then leave to build a positive association again. Might be worth doing something similar as sounds like Bella has had a difficult time of it. Hope she heals soon.
I have nothing to add as I haven't experienced this. I hope you get some help for Bella, poor girl how miserable for you too.

I wanted to welcome you to our forum from me Helen, Hattie 13 years and Charlie 10 years xx