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One year we were away and when we got back, mice had entered our kitchen drawers. The mess and damage they caused was horrendous and took me a long time to sort. All the wooden spoons had been nibbled and spice packets ‘opened’. Everything was either thrown or scalded with boiling water. They have also got into our loft space. F opened the loft hatch one day and a dead mouse dropped on him (it was infested with maggots). Fortunately I was out and didn’t hear his scream 😱 . He now makes checking the roof space a regular task
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I had a problem with house mice a few months ago, it was horrible. I really felt invaded. I did try humane traps with some success but it was a losing battle, they got everywhere and became very bold. One night one got in my supper which I'd left for second helpings on the kitchen worktop within minutes of having served myself. That was it - I got a pest controller in. If you get a good one they are very professional - the bait is put in a small box like a cashbox with a hole that is small enough that only mice can get in. Every precaution was taken with placing it safely with due regard to pets in the house. For myself, I feel torture and death in the paws of a cat would be worse for the mouse. Ferrets on the other hand do a great job, deterrents if nothing else.

These had got in via a teeny weeny change around some pipes after I had a new boiler put in.

They are constantly weeing so it's not nice sharing your space with them, house mice that is. I am altogether more tolerant of field mice or wood mice that just feel it is a bit chilly outside.