Nelly is quite poorly

We went for a short walk , she seemed quite enthusiastic but then stopped and refused to go any further so we did an about turn. She did a small :poo: , rather soft and a tiny smear of blood but nothing like yesterday which was horrendous . Breakfast was a non starter but she has just had a tiny bit of cooked chicken , I bought her some plain white fish for tea and hope she eats it as she hasnt really had any food in ages now but is still drinking her water . Nelly is usually a very stoic little dog but right now she looks quite pathetic , so lots of cuddles are the order of the day xxxx


Poor wee Nelly, hope she just needs rest and time for her tummy to get back to normal, such a worry for your though Kate :hug:
Isnt it just typical ? Nelly has just eaten a bowl of steamed white fish , then scampered round to greet Reuben home from playgroup :clap: I have spoken to the Vet who says to give her another 24 hours , as the main reason for taking her was her refusal to eat . If she still has the trots tomorrow , I can pick up a prescribed medication for her and of course , if she refuses food again , straight to see them . Thank you for all your well wishes xxx