Nisha and Talía (Negreta and Lulú).... a journey.


I know you are Pioneer Woman, but it's looking kind of dire in parts of Spain at the moment. Are you able to keep your house warm enough? It's been a few years, but when I visited, it was definitely more of a warm weather place! :cold:
Oh gosh, yes! I've been too hot the last couple of days! We have a log burner upstairs and one downstairs. J has insulated most of the roof, so heat stays in (for the most part). Still lots to do, but it's a little more civilised than when you were last here! :D


Mama Red HOT Pepper
t's a little more civilised than when you were last here! :D
Like a loo? You've got all those nice olive trees to hide behind for wee, but with so much snow, your backside could get a little chilly! 😂

Kidding aside, I was kind of worried that even with all the work you and J have done, you may not have been insulated enough for such an unusual winter, especially as you're usually in Andorra this time of year. Good to hear that you are all plenty toasty. Well, and as you ARE Pioneer Woman, I should have known that you had it covered! 😄