On the road… AGAIN? 🤔

Now that I have woken up from my nap, it’s story time!

Today, we headed a little North to the area of Loch Katrine and started to walk up Ben A’an. Ben A’an is not a Munro as it only stands at 461m high, but it is known as a great walk for beginners (not sure mum would agree!) and is called a “mountain in miniature”!

The moment mum regretted saying “I’ll walk up Ben A’an”

Heading to the top of that big pointy bit!

About halfway there with Loch Achray in the background.
@Jacqui-S is a star because I’d be saying, “Oh you go on up and have a blast” while I enjoyed the view from below. 😂
There actually wasn’t that much of a view from below!
There’s no way I could’ve gone up with both dogs on my own, and they wouldn’t have been happy if they were left with mum, so really, there was only one option 🤣

It was very steep and rocky, so I was also helping Lilly get up the tougher parts.975F804A-2323-4FD6-9465-961F6FAC3BDC.jpeg
This morning we headed down to Inversnaid again (with dad) and walked the opposite way to Sunday, where we saw the Inversnaid Waterfalls. They were stunning in the autumn colours 😍1E1440A0-7C49-4C5F-B8F2-BE079396710C.jpeg

I took the girls down the (fairly steep) bank to get to the water of Loch Lomond 8E5830EE-692B-4832-8C9E-CC691F28981E.jpegC0D5E517-673A-4543-B0F8-FB294ABB379F.jpeg

A very different view of Loch Lomond today just before the sun started creeping through the clouds.

We then headed down to see Loch Katrine from the opposite end of the hill we climbed yesterday!
The point in the far distance right in the centre of this photo is Ben A’an. Mum couldn’t believe how small it looked as it certainly didn’t feel that small yesterday :giggl:

This afternoon, we plan on going to the swimming pool at our hotel, and I have a full body deep tissue massage booked for later this afternoon 😍 unfortunately there was only one slot so mum is very kindly letting me have it ❤


Mama Red HOT Pepper
so really, there was only one option 🤣
There's always another option: it's called LUNCH.

I just got dragged all over Venice by my friend. She had a stroke last year and now walks 10 km a day. She was very disappointed in me that I jumped shipped at 6 km. Of course those 6 km lasted FOUR HOURS but she still looked at me like the flabby weakling that I am. 😏