On the road… AGAIN? 🤔

We didn’t really do an awful lot today, just mainly driving around the area near Callander.
We did take a short walk above Callander, to see Bracklinn Falls. They were amazing! So deep and such steep drops too. I love this photo I took of them…B60D18EE-75D7-4868-9DDB-B75EC4810A59.jpeg

a couple more pics

View walking back from the falls over Callander

Lake of Menteith (Loch Inchmahome)

The sun was setting over Loch Ard as we were driving back and I snapped these photos!

As you can see, the rain was coming in!!


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There's always another option: it's called LUNCH.

I just got dragged all over Venice by my friend. She had a stroke last year and now walks 10 km a day. She was very disappointed in me that I jumped shipped at 6 km. Of course those 6 km lasted FOUR HOURS but she still looked at me like the flabby weakling that I am. 😏
6km is a lot! I have been on a fitness regime for 5 weeks now and I managed 6km yesterday but was a gasping bag of sweat when I finished. We are going to Lord Howe Island in 3 weeks and there are no cars for tourists so we have to walk / cycle everywhere and it is apparently very hilly. Thus the push to get a bit fit but it takes a lot of time. Frustratingly, little weight loss despite also dieting but that is a whole other story

I wish I was in Venice with you Emily, I just love love love it


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Who knows?
Beautiful scenery in photographs - that bridge is really unique! It looks like you are having good weather, too - or are you photographing through the raindrops? 😊

We are going to Lord Howe Island in 3 weeks and there are no cars for tourists so we have to walk / cycle everywhere and it is apparently very hilly. Thus the push to get a bit fit but it takes a lot of time.
It's smart to work up to it ahead of time. I'd been walking a couple hours a day this summer, but then stopped in California because I don't like walking in my father's neighbourhood. I knew that was a mistake, but just couldn't seem to motivate myself. I'm paying for that decision here, because I'm so sore every day. But I'm not going to stop because you're not in Venice every day. I just try to ignore my legs screaming, "Please stop now!" at me.

I really admire @Sophiedoodle and @Jacqui-S 's level of fitness...they're unstoppable! 😍


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We took the opportunity this morning to walk on the forest track at Loch Àrd. A good move as it's a bit drizzly this afternoon though just on and off and still bright.

Our hotel is about 2/3 of the way down Loch Àrd' this walk started from the eastern end of the Loch.

Sophie doing a little Geocaching with her snoopervisor.


Surveying her Queendom......

I really liked this nice flat forest track by the Loch.

A bit higher up with snow dusted Ben Lomond in the background. Glad we got a photo here, as the higher Ben Lomond view had bloomin big conifers obscuring Ben Lomond 😱20211125_105439.jpg

Paddle paddle.20211125_111942.jpg20211125_114800_capture.jpg

Only selfie, looks like its 2 photos joined together 😂 20211125_114956.jpg


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Who knows?
In our honest opinion, Scotland beats the lakes hands down.
As an impartial party who has been (albeit briefly) to both the Lake District and Scotland, I agree! :nod:

But then again, I don't much like trees or even lakes...so yeah, the "Lake" District wasn't ever likely to be my thing. :giggl:

What I really loved about Scotland was the dramatic ever-changing scenery, the amazing coastline and...of course...the castles. Also Edinburgh is one of my all-time favourite cities. I spent two freezing weeks in a youth hostel there in January eons ago and fell in love. With the city, that is - sadly no romance with a strapping Scottish lad was part of the deal. 😉


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Who knows?
It is SO atmospheric on dreich days!
Exactly! It's one of those rare places which is almost better in the rain than in the sunshine!

And tons of 'atmospheric'. I think the most scared I've ever been was doing a ghost tour there - it was just a couple other girls from the hostel and me and we had this amazing young woman for a guide. Scared the pants off of us and then we had to walk back to the hostel by ourselves in the dark. I remember being SO scared and imagining ghouls coming out of every corner and the whole plague underground city coming out of the ground to grab us. I also remember it as being after midnight and dead deserted when we came back through the old closes, but considering it was January, it could have been anytime after 4pm. 😂