Sky ❤️

Oh goodness Alison, I have just found this thread and I am so sorry. What lovely words you have written and all the posts on here are so kind I am in tears. Please don't stop telling us about Sky, this is a place to share grief as well as happiness and we all understand.
I am so pleased to have met Sky, she was a lovely girl and I will remember her running along the beach (mud) at Mersea with a smile on her face.
Your comments are truly lovely, thank you so very much. Some of our family have been here today with this:


which we will be getting framed. It is from all of them. Yet more tears but we are so very touched by their empathy and thoughtfulness. Grandchildren gave lots of hugs and played with Red who was very excited to see them and kept giving them her squeaky ball 🎾😊❤
Sky has left a great legacy. She was a great teacher. She did give Red a hard time when we got her - it took 6 months before we could have both dogs together. Keeping both dogs separate was horrible but Sky just didn’t want a puppy around. Then bit by bit she did accept her and then taught Red the house ‘rules’. The stairs was the most interesting one. Never allowed Sky up stairs and she learnt that very early on herself. She’d sit on the 3rd stair looking out the window at comings and going. Occasionally, she would go up to the very top step if we were working up there - F has his office and I have a craft room upstairs but she never moved onto the landing. Yesterday, Red did the same - so sweet seeing her sitting there. Sky taught her well ❤



Bristol, UK
I love the picture your family brought you 🥰. Please do talk about Sky as much or as little as you want. I can only imagine how hard it is to loose a dog. Harley is my first. I also really like that Sky taught Red and that Red is ok too x