Talking to dogs

I pretty much narrate my whole day to both dog and baby. And yes, I explain what we are going to do as well- "we'll just walk back down the hill, mummy will bring the bins in then we'll all have lunch." And I use a very similar tone of voice for both of them, right down to the "good boooy." Oh dear. And I call the dog all sorts of embarrassing pet names in public. I remember a kid who walked past us yelling out "MUM, that lady called her dog sweetie!" :$
This is me too! Before Nathan could talk, I basically talked non stop to the two of them, and replied to their unspoken questions, like we were having a conversation.

I still speak all day, but now I have to compete with Nathan 🙄. He talks to Ella in the same way I do though 😆

One day I walked out of the shops and said "now, where did mummy park her car? Shall we go and have a look?" Then I remembered I was by myself 🤦‍♀️
now, where did mummy park her car? Shall we go and have a look?" Then I remembered I was by myself 🤦‍♀️
I laughed out loud at this Emily

We talk to Maxx constantly and if one asks him a question the other one answers as Maxx. I'm sure if non-dog people heard us they would think we were slightly nutty

Just lately we have been amazed at how many words he understands that we didn't even teach him. Last night OH put his hand out and said to Maxx (who had a tennis ball in his mouth and he NEVER gives them up) 'put the ball in my hand Maxx'. I scoffed and said 'you're dreaming'. And he did it! Trotted over and phhp out went the ball into OH's hand. I realised that he learnt that from his black Kong bone. If OH says 'get your bone' he runs around the house until he finds it because it means he is going to get a broken up denta stick stuffed in it. But OH won't put the dentastick in unless Maxx brings it right to him and puts it in his hand rather than drop it on the floor. So clever


Bristol, UK
Everyone laughs at me because I talk to Harley, even out on a walk. Last week we bumped into one of Harley’s friends (a hug labradoodle who is so gentle) and I recalled Harley, explained that I was popping her lead on because I couldn’t see if any dogs were coming around the corner and it would only be for 2 minutes (holding up 2 fingers!). The other owner laughed and said ‘I always thought I was the only one who spoke to my dog as if they understand, I’m so relieved ‘ 😂
I talk to my dogs all the time too. However, I recently had to deal with a frazzled son being rather rude and said sit!!!!! Then I said to the now sitting son Stay!!! I then quietly dealt with the situation, gave him a biscuit and then sent him on his way. He is well into his 30's. I'm pretty sure all the dogs were laughing.