The Labraventures of Carbón, Spanish (ex-) foster dog extraordinaire


Mama Red HOT Pepper
How is Carbon feeling after the meds? I thought it was meant to make him feel awful? And when do you find out if it worked?

PS Oh, how I love to hear Carbon speak! More! More!
Well, I'll answer for Carbon on this one, because he would say he is STARVING AND SAD AND ANGRY THAT NO BUTTERBALLS OR SECOND BREAKFAST HAPPENED TODAY!!

In reality, he is doing extremely well. Yes, many dogs gets really very ill from the Milteforan, most just temporarily but some for the entire month of treatment. That is why I fattened him up prior to starting, because he was quite slim and I was worried if he lost more weight. In fact he breezed through the treatment and the only lasting side effects is that he is now fat. Not plump, fat.

He was also quite stinky and had dull hair and lots of hair loss. I imagine that will clear up quite quickly.

We won't know if it worked for another six months. That means that now he just continues on with his regular treatment (Alopurinol) and we monitor for the xanthine stones in his urine that caused his bladder stones and surgery in July.
I really hope that you find the meds did work.

As for the butterballs and second breakfast, good for you for standing firm. Snowie still gets his “meds“ after breakfast even though he stopped taking the epilepsy meds about 2 years ago. The meds was a liquid mashed into sweet potato. Sweet potato is still administered! (With other stuff in it now—turmeric paste, crushed pumpkin seeds, etc). Bloomin’ time-waster for me in the mornings! And he still gets his snack at night to ward off the seizures in the early hours that might’ve been caused from too low blood sugar. And dare we forget the snack—he reminds us if we do! Oh, how I’d love to just feed two meals a day only! I’m sure you’re happy not to be making two breakfasts and butterballs!


Mama Red HOT Pepper
Oh mis amigos, I am so tired! ML and I got up at 4am AGAIN, then I finished supervising the packing and then we drove for 11 hours! Dios mio, I am sick of reclining amongst my many pillows in the TARDIS and gazing at the sky though its glass roof. Life is hard for a traveling dog.

Now have had my dinner and am cuddled in the bed at the hotel. ML is un pocito, a little, grumpy and keeps ranting about germs and hotels that only give you two pillows. I am going to put her to bed now and make her sleep through the magical power of my soft Spanish gentleman snoring. We will both feel better in the morning.

Wait! What? Only TWO PILLOWS?! Oh no, no, this does not work for me. Vale, OK, here is the plan: when ML goes into the shower, I take both pillows and sit on them as if they are ducklings I am trying to hatch. I will be so adorable that ML will not dare to remove my precious pillows from me.

Maybe ML is right and hotels are not so nice. Thank goodness, tomorrow ML will take all our pillows out of the TARDIS and put them in our new house. Ojala! A dog must have his pillows! And her pillows too!


Biscuit Tin Guardian
Sleep well, Señor Carbón, muy guapo! Mother ses that sum of the pickchas of you remind her very much of me, so we bofe send you muchos besitos!
Pee Ess I fink I am lernin Spanielish, fanks to yoo.
Yor frend