The Labraventures of Carbón, Spanish (ex-) foster dog extraordinaire


Mama Red HOT Pepper
a Spanish dog must have an abundance of pillows. Two is not enough to go around. Just last night, I did sneak and weasel my way to FIVE pillows, while Mamá rested her head against the wall. Vale, my snoring soothed her to sleep, although maybe the vino also helped, crees?
Ginny, mi amor, you are a wise and lovely Spanish gentlewoman. We must explain this to our Mama Ladies, because sometimes they do not fully understand. Also I think your ML is tougher than mine as mine does not do leaning against walls. She will, however, SHARE a pillow in an emergency. That is also a good talent. Is 'vino' like 'helado'? If yes, then my ML knows that trick too!! Besitos to you, guapita!

How are you both this morning? :inlove: :inlove:
We finally got more than four hours sleep! ML and I felt super human. I did a big poo and ran around the hotel grass in the rain. Ooo hoooo!!!

Thinking of you both @Emily_Babbelhund and Carbón. Hope you will soon be rested and relaxed xx
ML says we are doing nothing for the next five days. I do not believe her. She cannot do nothing. Nevertheless, I will try to teach her to do nothing. Soy el Rey de Nada. I am the King of Nothing. Which is a much more important title than it sounds!

Are you nearly there yet? :)
Si, si!!! We are in the tiny house with the big big garden. I have already met a French gentleman dog who came to visit and I have had my dinner. ML put all our special coverings on the bed and sofa and now I am on the sofa with Cyber Pig and Oscar the Flea. It is a REAL sofa, so ML will have a cuddle later. Que bien! The air smells of salt : que rico, how delicious ! Wet from above is happening outside but I do not care and neither does ML. We are cosy and tired. I have a full belly and ML finally has quiet and lots of windows. That makes us happy!


Mama Red HOT Pepper
How beautiful are these photos , I adore Brittany for its similarity to Cornwall but its quieter ! Carbon looks so damned happy and well , bless him xxxx
That's so funny as I was thinking (so far) that Cornwall is quieter. I guess it depends where you are in Cornwall - or Brittany! Carbon is ENORMOUSLY happy. We walked for 2 hours this morning, had a couch cuddle, then another hours' walk. Now early bed. We're both tired! 😁


Mama Red HOT Pepper
Hola todos, Carbon here! ML and I slept 12 hours and now we are going out again. No wet from above though lots of big clouds so I have a smart plan to visit beaches until the rain comes and then ML will drive me around in the TARIS to see the countryside. My bed in the TARDIS is just the right height to lay comfortably on my many pillows and look out of the window.

But until it rains, I will run and run. ML says I am not going to stay fat for long with all my running and that all the seaweed I am eating is very healthy. I have a sneaky plan to make her healthier too. Sadly she will not eat seaweed (I have tried to show her but she just says 'only if it is wrapped around sushi') but I am going to keep taking her on long walks to make her stronger. Soon we will both be looking delgado and guapo, that is to say thin and handsome. Well, I will be looking thin and handsome. Well, I am already handsome, so I will be looking thinner. ML will be looking like ML but able to walk further like in the old days when she used to come to the shelter in Spain and give Paul and me and the other dogs walks.

Entonces, so, we are off to explore, mis amigos! :pull: