Toby's Eighth Charmed Life

Oh @Aitch look at how happy he is. His eyes in that second photo - pure love! A million :inlove::inlove::inlove::inlove: for Señor Toby.

Carbon says, "Your Spanish is perfecto, hombre". B)
He watches me like that all the time. He does love me and I love him just as ardently. He knows he is where he is supposed to be and lit my life up after Bear left me. So he has done more for me than I have for him.
He is doing very well. Thanks for asking.

Toby has become a chilled little man for the most part. He is still a little worried when the other dogs are being boisterous but if they are playing quietly he will quietly watch and sometimes try to join in.

He still spends all of his day with me. He follows me around and never misses a chance of a cuddle. He adores me with such passion. He loves OH too but he has chosen me as his special person. I adore him too.

He loves a game of ball but won't play if the other dogs are around. I have to pick my moments for that.

All in all, he has settled in well and I can't imagine life without him following me around. :)