Toby's Eighth Charmed Life

Toby has massively grown in confidence. I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise really since he has three bigger rowdy sisters and brother now. He is a different little boy to the one that came here. With the warm weather these last few days he is spending all day centered around the garden. He didn't trust the garden at all when he first came. Now he spends hours out there playing and sniffing. He runs back in to check that I haven't left his universe but after running to me grinning and wagging his tail he goes off out to the garden again. He is so much more relaxed and happy now.
He doesn't sleep during the day anymore. He would much rather play or train or just follow me around and then sink into a coma at night. He loves his walks and has stopped barking at runners and bicycles thankfully. He will always have to be on lead though. He did manage to escape his harness on a walk recently and didn't go running off. We were pleased with that but if he took it into his head to run after a runner or biker who knows what might happen.
He has very poor eyesight in the evening when there is generally less light. We've taken to using torches if he goes into any dimmer areas of the house or garden. I think this is why he is so happy in the garden when the sun is shining. That and the fact that he is a Spanish gentleman and enjoys the warmth of the sun.
He sleeps under my covers with me at night just as Bear used to. During the day he is just full of energy. He really was meant to be with us and just took the long way around getting here. He fits in perfectly. Everybody loves him and he loves everyone. He gives me his heart completely and absolutely. I am so lucky to have him.