Update on Toby the Bodeguero


Mama Red HOT Pepper
A little update: Toby (aka Alf) went to his new foster home on Saturday. His new family reports he's a bit withdrawn but from the first day he was soaking up cuddles on his new foster dad's lap and today we've heard that he's playing with the family's other Bodegueros.

I had thought that maybe his original family would back out of wanting to give him up, but it turned out to be quite the opposite. Never mind, he's on the road to starting his (third) new life and in the very best of hands with six Bodeguero foster siblings to keep him occupied and remind him just how wild and silly a real Bod should be!


Mama Red HOT Pepper
Toby had been doing well in his foster home and there was a perfect home lined up for him (there was only the home check left to do) and he bit his foster mum. It was in reaction to her touching his hind quarters and she said it was not like his normal nipping which she's been working on and wasn't bothered by. She thought he may have a back injury or other physical problem so took him to the vet, who said there's nothing wrong with him.

Now she has to tell the potential adopter. Of course the adopter has the right to change her mind. If she does, the rescue group thinks he can't be rehomed in the UK because he's bitten. She mentioned sending him back to Spain, but that's pretty much game over for him - frankly it would be kinder to euthanise him than to put him through the trip plus being stuck in a boarding kennels. I got him as a foster because he was so ill at the kennels. They are better than the killing stations, but not by all that much.

Miry, my friend and rescue contact in Spain, is panicking thinking that he has to come back there. I've offered financial support but at this point - in Germany with a broken foot - I'm not sure what else I can do.

This poor little dog: he was rescued from the kill station nearly three years ago and his future is still uncertain. :(
Oh no! Poor Toby :(
I’d take him in a minute if the twins were better with other dogs. I think another might just push them over the edge!

I do hope he finds an understanding home who can help him through this. I’d be pushing for more vet checks, too. If it’s sudden and out of character, I would want to investigate that avenue further.