Update on Toby the Bodeguero


Mama Red HOT Pepper
I've got my fingers crossed for Toby, I hope this home works out for the little dude.

Me too. He certainly deserves his happy ending. I've asked if I can send the photos I have of him from Spain to his new person - a sort of obvious ploy to be in touch - but that will be up to her of course. I'm optimistic though. Bodeguero UK has a good track record - they placed Paul in similar circumstances and that has worked out great. His new person has experience with the breed, plus if she didn't balk at his biting due to the anal glands and she managed the first week with him which is always the hardest...the speaks to her being a darn good egg.

Thanks for everyone for the for all your good thoughts for Toby. The lambies DO seem to be with this great little dude! :D