What made you smile today?


Cornwall , UK
My bizarre dream last night started with us being at home but it wasnt here, it as somewhere we had lived about 28 years ago . Knock at the door, it was @Jacqui-S who came in bearing a bottle of green gin , made herself right at home and declared that she needed a shower as she had walked a long way to get to ours . She came out of the shower wearing a glittery flapper style dress and passed one to me to put on . There was a parade outside with a marching band , Paul was in it wearing a kilt and playing the bagpipes , Reuben was there only he wasnt a Labrador , he was a Boxer dog :facepalm: and he was marching with the band . Then a disco started , @Jacqui-S went wild and was very tipsy , I sat on the floor and fell asleep , then I woke up :rofl: