ALEX, the Bodeguero cross

Aw, my lot are a little different when J goes away, a little faster to react to noises etc. I think they just like to know their family is all together.
Absolutely! This little boy has grown up without a family who loves him so it isn't that surprising that he acts out when one of them disappears. OH normally works from home so it was a huge change for the poor little chap.
Alex is a happy little boy at the moment. He is relaxed and settled and often climbs into OH's lap for a snooze now. It was only a short time ago he was a bit afraid of men.
He and Amber are joined at the hip forever now, I think. They play and sleep together. Even Poppy, who can be very stand offish, plays with him.
I am still his go to person it seems. If anything worries him he will race to my side and stay there.
His training is coming along in leaps and bounds and he loves the addition of gundog training. He'll probably never go out in the field as his prey drive is spectacularly high but he loves the training so I'm happy with that.
He really is the loveliest little soul and I am so surprised he didn't get rehomed from the shelter earlier. I'm quite glad though in a very selfish way. I would never have met him if he'd been found a home sooner.
When I woke up this morning Alex ran into my arms with joyous abandon, tail wagging madly, wanting lots of cuddles, happy as can be. Why is this exciting? Well, in in the months he has been with us he has always loved his cuddles but has approached quietly to ask for them and always after the others. When he has come for cuddles I've always made it clear to him that he can have all the fuss and love he wants but he has always held back just a tiny bit. This morning was so different. He got to me ahead of the others and was in my arms and loving every minute. No reticence just sheer joy. He was licking me and cuddling as close as he could get. This is HUGE!!!! I love this little fella. He brings tears to my eyes every time he lets down his walls a bit more.
An update on Alex.
Today OH and I were talking about Alex and how different he is now to when he first came to us. For one thing, OH reminded me about how I was bruised (and sometimes bleeding) all over my arms, legs and hands. Now any Alex related injuries are accidental. He is so much calmer now and rarely stresses any more.
He has a pronounced sense of humour and will act very giddy if it makes us laugh. Today he "found" a cushion with a large tear in the back. Can't think how the tear got there.:hmm: He saw me watching him and decided to shove his entire head inside cushion and turn his face towards me. I burst out laughing and had to take the cushion away from him but he was so overjoyed at me laughing he careered around acting the fool for a while.
He is still a little wary around strangers but then why shouldn't he be? He isn't aggressive with them, he just comes around behind me and stays there. I don't push him in this as he seems to come to all things in his own time.
He loves Amber and plays and looks for trouble with her whenever he can. Those two were made for each other. Even Poppy joins in sometimes.
He loves a massage and will often ask for one. He likes it start out quite strenuously and gradually slow down. At the end he is a glazed eyed lump of jelly and will often fall asleep.
He is a bit on the cuddly side at the moment so he is on the dreaded diet. He seems ok with it so far. He isn't food concentric anyway so he is taking it in his stride.
All in all, he is a happy little soul who knows he is loved. He is an absolute gem of a dog!